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Zoom Creates Digital Communities for Adults on the Autistic Spectrum

Before the pandemic, programs for adults on the autism spectrum were busy! Many adults spent hours learning how to be independent enough to take public transportation. Some commuted as much as 2 hours to get to their destination.Their days were filled with opportunities for skill building and establishing friendships and close relationships with co-workers.

Today, many adults on the spectrum have been isolated in their group home or remain in the family home. Depending on the geographical location they may not be able to go out and visit their favorite places or participate in their work training programs.

Many programs to seamlessly move their skill building online with the help of Zoom. This created an opportunity for these programs to continue the in person community at the same time, providing opportunities to continue skill building. Below are just an example of some programs who have done this successfully!


This online certificate program provides training in animation, film, video game design, and visual effects. Taught by industry professionals, students on the autism spectrum go on to work in various areas in the prospective industries. Students learn remotely anywhere in the world using Zoom. To learn more go to:

Social Skills Theater

This program was previously in person and provides teens and adults the opportunity to learn social skills and to learn the craft of acting. Many of their students have appeared in film and TV including: Atypical, The Good Doctor, Speechless, Hangover Part II, Fresh Start and more! Zoom has given them the opportunity to train and perform online. To learn more go to

Many people are not aware that Zoom has the following features;

Accessibility Settings

Customize the font size of chat and closed captioning in our accessibility settings. Or if you use Zoom with a screen reader, focus on what you hear with granular control over screen reader alerts.

Keyboard Accessbility

Easily manage all major workflows with just your keyboard. Zoom also supports Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate our features

Screen Reader Support

Use Zoom without a screen. We follow the latest accessibility standards to ensure that the product is fully accessible to the latest screen readers.

Automatic Transcripts

Transcripts are automatically generated and synchronized to make it easy to search and review meetings recorded in the cloud.

Third Party Captioning

Never miss a word with closed captioning. Zoom integrates seamlessly with 3rd party closed captioning providers through our Closed Captioning REST API.

Rearrange Videos

Create your own custom gallery view by clicking and dragging videos to a different position.

Multi-spotlight and multi-pinning

The host can spotlight the interpreter and speaker videos so everyone sees them, no matter who is speaking. Or you can pin multiple videos for your own custom view.

Zoom is a technology tool that is beneficial to everyone, including people on the autism spectrum. Learning how to use Zoom is extremely beneficial to assist individuals in connecting with educational opportunities, family, friends, and co-workers. You can sign up for a free or paid account using this link.

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