• dralisashawn

Why Scrivener is the Best Screen Writing Software for People with Autism

Scrivener is a popular software that is recommended by most industry professionals. Scrivener is used every day by screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators and more. Scrivener provides everything you need to start writing with a host of features that simplifies the writing process.

Scrivener connects everything you need to write, research and arrange into script format. Corkboard is by far one of the best features that is beneficial to individuals on the spectrum. Corkboard view turns every document in your project into a virtual index card. You can quickly add new scenes with cmd-N, then add titles and brief synopses directly on the cards. As they appear on the cork board, they'll also show up as documents in your Screenplay folder in the Binder on the left side of the window.

The Corkboard view is a great way to view your story in smaller segments. By looking at the entire plot from the Corkboard, it is easier to spot gaps and inconsistencies.

Most screenplays can be complex and need this kind of strong structure.

Scrivener allows you to switch instantly between editing your script one section at a time or all together. For individuals on the spectrum working on a long text is easier when you break it into smaller pieces, and Scrivener gives you complete control over how small (or large) those pieces are. When your ready, Scrivener’s innovative "Scrivenings" mode lets you put the pieces together and edit them as though they were all part of a single document.

Whether you're drafting the next blockbuster idea, or writing a best selling novel, Scrivener’s scriptwriting features take care of all the formatting. When you're done, you can print directly from Scrivener or export to industry-standard software such as Final Draft.