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Autism: How to Get Started in the Animation Industry

Did you know that individuals on the autistic spectrum are able to work in the animation industry? Are you someone on the spectrum that is interested in working in this field?

Animation is a quick display of stationary photos in a way that makes the illusion of motion. Today, animation is mainly used in motion videos and images, in addition to some computer apps, for instance, in video games, or moving icons. Similar to a photographic cinema, animated videos generally are a combination of musical accompaniment, sound for dialogue, and other effects. But as compared to the graphic cinema, it can represent anything that an animation artist can visualize, and hence, it is mainly produced for telling the stories with unreal items that can be hard to explain in reality. Also, animation is used for creating unique visual effects in the productions of movies that prefer the traditional methods of photography.

Types of Animation

Stop-motion animation

2-dimensional computer-generated animation

2-dimensional drawn animation

3-dimensional computer-generated animation

Animation is primarily used in entertainment, along with education, advertising, business communications, and news. For people with ASD, this creates a great opportunity to work as animators, sound effects technicians, voice actors, writers, and artists who are professionals with specialized software of animation, along with computer programmers. Individuals have a greater opportunity than ever before with many companies hiring people remotely. It is easy to get started with the proper computer, animation software, business essentials and designated space.

Setting Up a Home Office

Setting up a home office is essential if you are looking to work in the animation industry. Whether you are looking to obtain employment or starting your company and becoming self-employed. Even if you are employed there will be times when you will have to bring work home. It is important that you have a designated space that is comprised of important elements. A well organized desk is key if you want to be able to be successful. The ability to work from home offers many advantages. These include the flexibility of setting your own schedule. It also saves time and money eliminating a daily commute. If starting your own business if you gives the opportunity to start your business with minimal overhead.

You will have to create a space that is designated specifically for your computer and other tools. After all you are looking at creating this as a business/career choice so you need to be able to work efficiently. So, just what type of items do you need to set up a home office? Searching online can be overwhelming so I have simplified the process for you.

In the book, Autism: How To Get Started in the Animation Industry, you will learn the following:

1. Design your new, distraction-free home office where you'll feel good

2. Discover the skills you need to start a career in animation - and learn in a way that's

comfortable for you

3. Find your first freelance gigs - start earning real money and building your reputation

4. Choose an employer that values neurodiversity and get accustomed to your new


5. Build a rewarding career in the animation industry and be valued for your


The animation industry is not just for neurotypical people. By applying the tips you'll find in this book, you'll turn your uniquely-wired brain into a huge competitive advantage on the job market and earn money by doing what you love!