• dralisashawn

Autism: How 2021 has changed the Job Market

Has the pandemic changed the job market for people with autism? Absolutely, but as many people forecast 2021 and beyond, there is a common thread in the area of changes that go stream across all industries. Many companies have had to re-imagine what the future will look like and how to implement hiring strategies that will continue into their future business plan. These changes may actually be beneficial to people on the autistic spectrum.

Changes to Marketplace

Mainly there are three characteristics that are a common theme among the job market place. Everything is digital! Whether we like it or not, everyone has had to get more comfortable with technology. It has become essential in order to communicate effectively and accomplish tasks that were otherwise completed in person. Individuals on the autistic spectrum should ensure that they become proficient in using technology that will be required for employees. This would include the ability to use a webcam and Zoom. Since this virtual meeting is the first time a prospective employer has the opportunity to meet with you.

Types of Work

Independent contractors and digital freelancers have been reported to have a 50% increase in their production. Many are working full-time hours in their previous side hustle business. Many have opted to transition to freelancing all together in order to have a flexible work environment and hours. The ability to work remotely from home also allows a certain level of flexibility in the hours. There is a tremendous market for freelancers which enable individuals on the spectrum to build up their own client base. Working from home has become more popular with companies. Setting up your workspace is the key to be efficient and effective.

2021 Hiring Trends

As companies continue to redesign and envision the future of their company, there are several key trends to consider. Remote and hybrid flexibility continue to be on the rise. Many companies have realized that the productivity level has increased with their remote employees. Some individuals on the spectrum have difficulty with transportation. Whether it is the inability to drive a car, or the not so reliant public transportation, working remotely eliminates this barrier for successful employment.

Diversity and Inclusion

While diversity and inclusion were always something that companies strive to continue as part of their mission, it often fell short. Now more than ever, companies are realizing the benefit and expertise that people on the autistic spectrum can bring to their workforce.

Workspace Redesigned

Although some individuals continue to work remotely from home, others have opted to return to a hybrid model. These individuals can expect to see the workspaces redesigned in a way that allows for social distancing and maintaining safety cues. This may also include staggering of breaks and lunch times.

A great way for people on the autistic spectrum to get organized is to create a list of the items that they will need in order to be successful in the workplace. Amazon is a great place to search for items that you may need. Whether you are creating an at home workspace or searching for items that you will need if you return to work in person.