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Autism: Getting Started in the Video Game Industry

What Skills Do I Need?

There are many basic skills and abilities that you will need to work as a video game designer, but probably the most important attribute is experience with video games. You need to understand the top genres of games, know what makes for a good video game, and grasp the essentials of game play.


This is an integral part of starting your career. You want to ensure that you choose the right program to learn the skills. AFAHUB is a vocational training program that provides training in video game-making, animation, video game design, and video game. These programs were the first to become approved by the California Regional Center system to provide training to people with disabilities. Students who graduate either go on to employment or self-employment depending on their area of study.

The AFAHUB video game program provides all the tools needed to obtain employment in the video game industry.

Finding the Right Space

For working long hours on the computer, this desk makes the best addition to your workspace, home, or office. The height of the standing desk is adjustable, having a clamp-on shelf. If a standing desk is not your thing and you prefer a desk with more versatility, try using this foldable computer desk that involves virtually no assembly. It is on wheels which makes it easy to move if necessary. It can also be folded and placed under a bed or in a closet for storage.


The computer is the most important component of your home office. Choosing the right one really depends on what you plan to use the computer for whether it be for personal or business. If you plan to work in the video game industry you need to ensure that the computer you choose will have the capacity to load the software you will be using. There is a lot of technical jargon that I won’t bore you with here. The Apple 15.4" MacBook Pro is the most efficient computer that will be able to handle the software needed. As with many of the newer computers they do not have the USB ports.

This USB hub is essential to be able to hook up your accessories. Many of my students find that an external keyboard along with a wireless mouse really helps with positioning their desktop workspace. If you plan on spending long hours on the computer, you will need a mousepad with proper wrist support.

Office Essentials

There are a few other office essentials that are important for any home office. The clickable links provided below provide you with the most up to date items. They include:


Printer Paper

Cell Phone Charging Stand

2TB External Hard Drive

Desk Organizer


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