• dralisashawn

Autism and Cryptocurrency

We are now living in a world where everything is going digital and that includes currency! The popularity of cryptocurrency continues to grow and many people with disabilities have shown an interest as to how this will affect them. Many people with disabilities, specifically autism are learning about cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency in the form of tokens or coins. Many online retailers have started to accept digital currency as a form of payment as an option to credit cards. These types of transactions use decentralized systems. Decentralization means that it does not interact with the treasury or any other banking institution.

Common Crypto

That fact that cryptocurrency has no oversight is an important factor which attracts the general public into using cryptocurrency. Currently there are thousands of different types of cryptocurrency. The most common form of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Stellar.


Cryptocurrency flashcards are a great way to introduce the terms that are most commonly used. When used correctly, flash cards allow students to engage with the information in a way that makes it easier to retain. People with disabilities can benefit from learning these terms to become better acquainted with a digital system that is here to stay.

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