• dralisashawn

4 Tools to give your LinkedIn Profile an Edge on the Job Market

It is more important now than ever to connect with other professionals on your LinkedIn profile. Making connections with people you know on LinkedIn are crucial to expanding your network. Some of your connections may know about jobs that are not listed and may be able to provide you with an introduction. There are also key essentials that can provide you an edge on the job market. The first is the Job Opportunities feature on your LinkedIn profile, that says you're open to new job opportunities. This provides you with the opportunity for recruiters to see and view your profile. This is an amazing feature because it draws recruiters directly to your profile to view your experience. This feature isn’t automatic so you will need to go to your profile and turn it on. The second is to continue to keep your profile updated. This should include updating your experience and any new skill set that you have acquired. This ensures that your profile continuously remains up-to-date and provides you with an edge on the competition. The third is to decide on at least five skills you have that you can list on your profile. Make sure you are proficient in the skill set you are listing. It should be something that you consider a strength on your profile. This provides the recruiter a quick glance of competency in a specific area. Lastly, the LinkedIn Skills Assessment Tool provides users the opportunity to take short assessments that allow you to show that you are proficient in a particular skill. This is a great way to show recruiters your skill set and you have a better chance of them reaching out to you for an opportunity.

LinkedIn has an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities. Currently, it has more than 600 million professional profiles making it the largest online networking job market. Whether you are seeking a job or increasing your brand, LinkedIn is an important component of every business professional’s career.